Packet Sender

Introduction to PacketSender

This program (PacketSender.exe) can be used to simulate an X80 robot, at least as far as data packets are concerned.

You might find this program helpful if you are developing your own X80 code and you want to test it in a controlled environment. Using a "live" X80 is not always practical because you cannot control when it sends packets and there is a limit on how long the battery will last.

Using the Program

There are sample packet logs included with the program. These can be used for testing. Alternatively, you can download the WiRobotTest program which creates packet logs in the appropriate format.

Run the program and you will see the following screen:

In most cases, you will simply want to click on the Connect button. This starts the program listening on your PC on port 10001, which is the normal port for an X80 robot. You can then run your own program and connect to yourself!

You can open a packet log file from the File menu. Then you can send packets by clicking on the Send button. Alternatively, you can turn on Continuous Sending in the Options menu. This will simply start sending packets from the file as soon as you click on Send and keep sending until you click on Stop. (The Send button changes to a Stop button.)

The Next button can be used to skip packets in the log. This might be useful, for example, to simulate packet loss.

Sent and received packets are displayed in the textboxes at the bottom of the window. You might want to turn these off because they waste CPU time and slow down the program.

If you are really keen, you can type hexadecimal data into the Packet Data textbox and send it. You can do this repeatedly if the data does not change. The Clear button is used to wipe out the contents of the Packet Data textbox.

And finally, there are packet counters for both send and receive, as well as Clear buttons to clear the contents of the respective textboxes.

Other Notes

Note that even though I retain the Copyright, you can freely use and modify the program provided you retain the original Copyright notice. A copy of the licence is included with the source code.